Research & Development

Bioalpha has a skilled Research and Development (R&D) team working in a state-of-the-art modern laboratory, dedicated to creating customized products according to our customers’ specifications. Our R&D team, which consists of scientists, chemists, food technologists, nutritionists and pharmacists, has developed more than 300 functional formulations covering a wide range of different functions such as detoxification, remedy for cough and cold, boosting immune system, regulating blood glucose levels, enhancing eye, brain, joint and heart health, as well as beauty benefits such as anti-aging and weight management.

At the same time, we readily engage with research institutes to carry out pre-clinical studies, such as our ongoing project that focuses on the advancement of botanical drugs for treatment of type-2 diabetes and menopausal syndrome management. In addition, Bioalpha owns the intellectual property (IP) rights to its proprietary liquid fermentation technology, which provides competitive edge over our peers. The revolutionary technology allows us to produce biomass of medicinal mushrooms in 5 days as compared to 1 year if grown in the wild. Bioalpha has successfully commercialized 2 strains of medicinal mushrooms – Cordyceps Sinensis & L. rhinocerus (Tiger Milk Mushroom).