Product Formulation

Product formulation commercialise functional foods, traditional herbs and health supplements formulation through BHB’s GMP facility. We focus on the field of:

    • General health maintenance
    • Improving blood circulation
    • Enhancing vitality
    • Relief of cough and sore throat
    • Skin Health
    • General well-being for women
    • To provide and access expertise of the experienced local and international R&D team in BHB.

Formulate various premium health products in the forms of tablet, capsule, sachet, teabag & liquid.

Tablet Capsule Sachet Teabag Liquid


Liquid Fermentation Technology

Bioalpha uses proprietary fermentation technology to produce Cordyceps sinensis and Lignosus rhinocerus which shorten the fermentation process from 4 months to 1 month. The liquid fermentation process of cordycep sinensis has been filed for patent application for MyIPO and the Taiwan intellectual office in 2012. The fermentation process:

  • Identified and cultivation of strains
  • To develop and optimize the fermentation process. (temperature, pH, raw material for medium)
  • Extraction and drying process development
    • To establish the most suitable extraction method to extract the active compound required.

To establish the most suitable drying process for the extracted compound.

Cordyceps sinensis

Lignosus rhinocerus


Liquid Fermentation Process


Preclinical & Clinical Trial

Traditional Herbs
Bioalpha is entrusted with the pre-clinical and clinical trials for 2 traditional herbs.
The herbs are help to regulate hormone levels & for control of diabetes. 
The objectives of the trials are to enrich the scientific contents and literature especially for those herbs, as well as substantiate the health claims.

The Mushroom Industry
To carry out considerable research (pre-clinical & clinical studies) in the area of indigenous mushroom, which is Tiger Milk Mushroom (Lignosus rhinocerus). Established the latest fermentation technology by utilising bioreactor for the fermentation of C. sinensis & L. rhinocerus.


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