Tongkat Ali Drink

Serving size: 50 ml / bottle

Pure Tongkat Ali Flavour

Ingredients List:

  1. Tongkat Ali
  2. Lemon Juice

Health Benefits Tongkat Ali:

  1. Improve men’s vitality via restoring of hormone balance (testosterone) (Tambi, M. I. B.M et al., 2011)
  2. Enhance immune function via antiulcer, anthelmintic, antimalarial, and antibacterial activity (Ooi, F.K. and et al. 2015)
  3. Enhance energy by improving the muscle strength and power in adult men (Ooi, F.K. and et al. 2015)

Unique Selling Point:

  1. True taste of tongkat ali without addition of other flavours, unlike the commercial canned flavoured tongkat ali
  2. A good blend of bitter and sweet
  3. Premium product in high quality and luxury packaging

Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) is a herbal medicinal plant originated from Southeast Asia. It is rich in various bioactive compounds such as alkaloids and quassinoids and these compounds contribute to its healing properties (Rajeev, B. and Karim, A.A., 2010).