Misai Kucing Tea

Pack Size: 3g x 30 sachets

Misai Kucing is a traditional herb that originates from eastern Asian countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia but was introduced to the West in the early 20th century where it was consumed as a tea. It is also known as Orthosiphon stamineu. The plant can be distinguished by its white or purple colored flowers that resemble cat whiskers. Misai Kucing is used widely in the form of herbal tea among the South East Asian population. A blend of misai kucing tea contains a lot of health benefit such as lower high blood glucose level, improve urination etc.

Main ingredients:

  1. Misai kucing
  2. Black tea leaves

Main functions:

  1. Improve urination
  2. Prevent kidney stones
  3. Antioxidant
  4. Regulate blood glucose level
  5. Prevent gout and rheumatism

How long to see the result:

From our customer’s feedback, after consuming Misai Kucing Tea, an increase in urination will fell immediately. After about 3-6 months (with balance diet and exercise), there will be significant reduction in blood pressure and blood glucose level.

Direction of use:

Put 1 teabag of Misai Kucing Tea in hot water, steep for 1-2 minutes and serve hot. Take 1-2 teabags per day.