As a regional health supplement group to improve the total well- being  of  people  in  markets  that we  operate  in through  innovation culture, and the adoption of cutting edge biotechnology and best practices in research, products and human capital development.

To increase the breadth and depth of our integrated business model via capitalizing on emerging opportunities and being risk- sensitive.

To secure the quality, supply and pricing of our raw materials via ownership of herb farms and undertaking related research and development ("R&D") activities.

To build industry leading shareholder value through revenue diversification, cost optimisation and appropriate investment policies.

Corporate Governance
To be a responsible corporate citizen that embraces integrity, ethics and exemplary corporate governance to deliver value to our stakeholders.

To continuously  improve  and expand  the  quality  and  range  of our  products  for  total  health and wellness.

Distribution & Retail
To develop our competency in health supplements retail via strategic partnerships and investments.

To engage with customers through various channels.

To create a conducive and rewarding working environment by promoting teamwork, creativity, integrity and performance.

To address our customers’ needs by being proactive, innovative and exceeding their expectations.

To be commercially-minded and customer-driven in the area of product development.

Certification & Accreditation
To achieve international recognition in product R&D, herb planting and production process.

To continuously improve our strain extraction methodologies and to discover new medicinal mushroom species and herbs for commercialization.

To reinforce research collaboration and strategic partnerships with local and regional experts in the fields of biotechnology and herbal supplements-related research in the area of biotechnology.  

To be technology-driven, innovative and cost-conscious in the development of new fermentation techniques, production and cultivation methods

Regional Expansion
To expand our regional footprint via strategic partnerships and mergers & acquisitions

To strengthen our brand by delivering effective and innovative products, building consumer awareness and appropriate market positioning.

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